Spilled oil-soaked crank buoys USA

The US oil-absorbing boom has many applications in different environments

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Oil spills are a serious environmental problem that can cause damage to marine life, ecosystems, and human health. One of the solutions to prevent and clean up oil spills is to use oil-absorbing booms. These are floating devices that can surround and soak up oil on the water surface. In this blog post, we will introduce the oil-absorbing boom of the US, which is one of the leading products in this field.

The US oil-absorbing boom is made of 100% polypropylene, a synthetic material that can absorb oil and repel water. According to, the US oil-absorbing boom can soak up more than 25 times its own weight in oil. The boom has a diameter of 7.6 cm and a length of 1.2 m, and it can be connected with metal hooks to form a longer barrier. The US oil-absorbing boom is distributed by Dong Chau Environmental Construction Co., Ltd., which offers wholesale prices and nationwide delivery.

The US oil-absorbing boom has many applications in different environments, especially in coastal areas. It can be used to deal with oil spills from ships, pipelines, offshore platforms, factories, gas stations, equipment warehouses, fields, rivers, and seas. The US oil-absorbing boom can isolate and absorb oil and oil-based chemicals quickly and effectively. It can also be used on land and underwater due to its buoyancy.

The US oil-absorbing boom has many advantages over other products. Some of them are:

- It is an ideal solution for oil spill incidents due to its isolation and absorption properties.

- It only absorbs oil and oil-based chemicals, leaving water behind.

- It uses nano technology to enhance its absorption capacity, which helps reduce storage space and cost in oil spill situations.

- It comes with stainless steel hooks that allow linking multiple booms together for more flexibility.

- It does not tear even when it reaches its maximum absorption performance.

The US oil-absorbing boom is a product that brings effective solutions to protect the environment. It is highly rated and widely used in Vietnam and other countries such as Japan, Europe, America, etc. If you are looking for a reliable and quality product to deal with oil spills, you should consider the US oil-absorbing boom.


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Spilled oil-soaked crank buoys USA

manual Spilled oil-soaked crank buoys USA

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