PE filter cartridge with internal threads

The PE filter cartridge with gasket is constructed from an aluminum frame, wire mesh or perforated sheet lining the interior, and pleated cellulose paper folded in a fan shape. This design effectively filters the incoming air stream, removing dust and other contaminants.

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Technical Specifications of a PE (Polyethylene) Filter Cartridge with Gasket

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE) 

  • Outer Diameter: 150 mm 

  • Inner Diameter: 70 mm 

  • Length: 250 mm 

  • Gasket Thickness: 10 mm 

  • Temperature Resistance: -50°C to 80°C 

  • Tensile Strength: 20 MPa 

  • Hardness: 60 Shore D 

  • Color: Customizable

Applications: Used in HVAC systems, cleanrooms, or other industrial applications

Note: These are just sample specifications and may vary depending on the specific requirements of the product. For the most accurate information, please refer to information from the manufacturer or your supplier.

General Design of a PE Filter Cartridge

The PE filter cartridge is designed as a cylindrical block with an open end and a drilled bolt hole at the bottom. It is installed in the paint booth system. We offer two main types of filter cartridges with intelligent designs to suit different paint dust filtration environments.

Two Common Types of PE Filter Cartridges

  • Open-ended PE filter cartridge

  • Closed-end PE filter cartridge with one open end

Size and Order Requirements

These are just the two most common sizes. If you have other requirements for PE filter cartridges, please contact us to receive the product as desired.

Material and Filtration Mechanism

The filter cartridge is made from 100% PE fabric, shaped into a tube. Air passes through the fabric to remove dust particles and contaminants. Contaminants smaller than the filter pores are allowed to pass through, while larger contaminants are trapped on the upstream side of the fabric. The filter combines the advantages of filter materials and filter cartridge structures. It can improve the efficiency of the existing system by increasing the effective fabric area.

Structure of a PE Filter Cartridge

The PE filter cartridge has two main parts:

PE filter cartridge housing: This acts as a mesh to protect the filter.

Inner paper: This is neatly folded into the diameter of the product with tight fan folds; it is both aesthetically pleasing and increases filtration efficiency.

PE filter cartridge with internal threads

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